9Life is full of options and choices!


While some of these choices are small and easy, like what to eat or what to wear, other choices can be much more complex.


It’s these big choices in life that demand complete understanding, focus and efforts. As women, these big choices multiply at every stage in life. Starting from the choice of career, then family, then self and ultimately all becomes one big mess!


What is important to understand is that whatever choices you make have an impact on your life. Sometimes a wrong choice can add stress, pressures and added tensions to life and some other times it may just lead to frustrations.


For example, there are many women who choose to compromise on their career growth to give more time and energy to their children or family. Firstly, there are no common right or wrong choices.  What might be wrong for one person, might be right for another and vice-a-versa.


Ultimately, choosing to compromise on career for happiness makes it the right choice for you, but if it causes tension and stress in the home, then it’s the wrong choice!


Then again, it’s all about balance and trusting that you will make the right decision.  Sometimes it’s not that easy, and we have all been there and will continue to struggle with the daily, “Did I make the right choice?” or  “Is there something I could have done different or better?” when something is uncertain.


Whatever you choose in life must bring happiness, peace and harmony.


You cannot depend on someone else to make a choice for you; it has to be made by you and you alone! Yes, talking to your friends and family may help you analyze and rationalize the choices but the ultimate choice is yours. We often don’t realize the impact our choices have in our life. even the smallest of choices we make can have a big impact.


If we choose to eat an unhealthy snack every day, it will sooner or later impact our health. Yes, that’s a choice you make too! It is also important to help our children by making wise choices for them in their infant, toddler and adolescent years! Their future depends on our choices as parents. Having a 9 year old who is very aware of what she puts in her body isn’t because she chose that path, I helped create her thinking by making choices about what I fed her, taught her and exposed her to.


These choices may sometimes seem as challenges and yes you need to deal with them with the same attitude. Your entire existence and future is a direct result of your choices. Making the right choices, (the ones right for you) will make you a more content person both personally and professionally. You need to have faith in your own choices and once made, after thinking through, it’s time to start respecting your own choices! You can only be happy, truly satisfied, when you believe in the choices you make. So choose, but think first, and then with full faith embrace the choices you make! Enjoy the journey called LIFE and choose wisely.


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