GLITTER, FLASH TATTOOS AND press on NAILS! Basically anything that screams “GIRLS just wanna have fun” or better known as Justice! The new “Party Planning” department at Justice is beyond freaking adorable.5130492_619

Lots of Glitter, lots of Gold, lots of Paris, lots of Selfie gadgets and lots of shiny sparkly things!  HELLO, where were you when I was growing up, right?!

So this is the biggest birthday before “Sweet 16”, kinda.  Well for my daughter it is.  I am currently planning Mia’s 10th Birthday Party and it’s a lot of “no, Mom, yes Mom, I don’t know Mom”….  

Finally, we agreed to do a mix of Shopkins, animal prints, and Pretty in Paris theme!  DONE… just kidding! Not yet.. now to plan, shop and organize. Lucky for me, most everything you can do online these days.

Between Amazon, Party City, and online catering requests I can rest assure this party is going to be just what the doctor ordered ( minus the apple a day).

The more glitter, the better. The more leopard and animal print, the happier she is. F589648F_full

It’s all about the “Candy Buffet”. They want candy, candy and more candy! It has to be color coordinated with a theme.

It’s beginning to look like a baby shower or a Sweet 16!  All of this stuff can be found at Party City.  Super easy to plan with color coordinated sections of everything edible.

Drum roll please! ….. Now for the outfit planning. Well by now we know it has to be shiny, bright, and sparkly and consist of a tutu of some sort. We started browsing Etsy for some homemade finds, but for the price  it wasn’t worth it to me.  I went to Ebay, but everything cute and custom made was coming from China and had a 30 day delivery and I do not have time for that! So luckily, I found the cutest custom outfit on Amazon.  Pink, custom sparkly “10” signifying the milestone double digit Birthday,  and a tutu with an array of colors.

Your Art Time is going to be the perfect place for this Birthday party. Painting with friend, a gorgeous canvas to take home, and a goody bag to die for full of fun party favors from Justice.

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