“I don’t want longer lashes”, said no girl ever!

SO what’s the hype about lashes? Well besides the fact that they make us women ‘feel’ alive and look pretty amazing too, they actually have a purpose.

“Researchers determined that most mammal eyelashes are one-third the length of their eyes — just the right length to minimize the flow of air over the eyeball.”

Yes, we know that they serve a purpose other than helping us look beautiful but there is NO SCIENCE behind my eyelash game changer.  Younique hit the nail on the head when they came out with their 3D Lash Mascara.  So much so, they back it with a 100% money back guarantee. Hello, sign me up , right?!

Here is my lash routine. ( Click here for step-by-step video tutorial)younique_fiberlashes

First, you want to curl them with an eyelash curler. If you are blessed with curled lashes that don’t need assistance, skip this first step.

I use a 2 step process mascara.

Step 1 is the transplanting gel. I make sure to put a nice coat and make sure all of my lashes are covered.

Next, I use step 2 of the mascara which is the Fibers. I let this sit for about 15 seconds and then I REPEAT Step 1 which is the transplanting gel and seals the fibers.

You can seriously watch miraculously as they grow!!  You can repeat a second and third time, depending on how voluminous and long you want your lashes.


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