There is something AMAZING about each and everyone of you! This is the message April Baca wants to give all women! As a native New Mexican and living in four different states, she can understand women from coast to coast from what they want to what they need.

Who is April Baca? She is a mom and business executive turned entrepreneur who wants to bring out the best in all women. Having a beautiful and talented little girl and being the Founder of PureSaks has helped April learn things she has found to be valuable knowledge that needs to be shared.  Aprils’ passion for helping women surpassed PureSaks and spilled over into blogging.


This blog is all about life! It is packed with motivational posts, makeup tutorials, beauty hacks, healthy living advice, style tips and much more!

As an entrepreneur she will be able to help women through the struggles and pains of being a #Momboss or #Girlboss. When you are in front of others it’s not always easy to be transparent about your fears and anxiety. April not only understands this but wants to help you get passed those moments when fear and frustration take over and self-doubt makes you want to quit.

She will be sharing different techniques she has used over the years to grow her business to where it is today.  She wants to share her experiences from being the hotel executive and a single mom to taking the leap of faith and starting her own business and working as an entrepreneur and wearing many different hats.

With many failures and disappointments, she took those experiences to adjust the course and keep moving towards her purpose.

Every woman needs a place to call home, a place where she can fully be understood and appreciated. This is like the coffee date with your girlfriends after a workout, where you can just chit chat about anything from what you are cooking for dinner to what outfit you are going to wear or the new Kylie lipkit color that just came out.

April has created that place and has the dream that hundreds and thousands of women will be inspired because of it. #DreamBigHeadshot by Kelli Price, March 2016 Faena Miami Beach Hotel

What part do YOU play in this experience? April wants all women to be exposed to this blog, so share it. There is never anything better in life then paying it forward. Just as April is sharing her stories and experiences with you she hopes that you do the same with others. Sharing this content is the ultimate virtual high five! Feel free to comment or make any suggestions for posts or things you would like to see more of.

This is more than just a blog this is a community and April wants to be the first to welcome you and your friends. Join us in a safe haven designed solely for all you beauties!

Every woman has a story to tell and every story has a purpose. April feels passionate about her life experiences and wants to help other women to discover and live their purpose. Life is too short not to enjoy the journey and live it to the fullest. Stop with the regrets and the worrying and start living today!

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Love & Light,

purple APRIL B


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